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Samsung Stomps on Apple’s iPhone in New Galaxy Note 8 Ad

Samsung and Apple have had an interesting relationship history of suing each other, mocking one another, and even building parts for each other over the years. And Samsung’s new ad for Galaxy Note 8 is no different. The commercial takes snipes at Apple, depicting a forlorn iPhone owner being constantly burned by iPhone models’ lagging features. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The S7 Edge has Evolved

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most stunning handheld devices around this summer. And although Samsung has taken a hit in the news lately for fraud and “batterygate” with the Note 7, we gave this beauty a full review with some astounding results. For the full details, read on below.

Selfiegate: Will the Obama Administration Ban Selfies?

Remember when President Barack Obama got in on a selfie with the British and Danish Prime Ministers at a Nelson Mandela memorial service? Although it technically wasn’t a #funeralselfie, news sources around the world pointed out his insensitivity, and not just Fox News. Selfies have become a source of shame yet again for the POTUS, as he recently got himself entangled in an unintentional promotional selfie for none other than Samsung, who “broke the Internet” a while back with Ellen Degeneres’ now-famous celeb-filled selfie shot.