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2048: The Game That’s Ruining Our Lives

Hello, my name is Madeline and I’m an addict. It all started innocently enough. I heard about the new game from a friend. I just wanted something to do during my morning commute. But all that swiping, up, down, left and right to pass the time soon became something more.

And now I can’t stop playing 2048.

Review: Rooster Reader App Motivates Non-readers and Philistines

No one has time to read anymore. At least, that’s what the team behind Rooster is hoping. The iOS app, created by a team of writers and technologists, is geared toward people who are too busy browsing their social networks to read a 500-page novel. To make powering through a book seem less daunting, each one is broken up into installments. Whereas chapters would range between a few pages to dozens, each installment is time-based–15 minutes a piece.

We tested out the $4.99 app for a few weeks to see if technology can really get someone to read more. Check out the full review below.

Selfiegate: Will the Obama Administration Ban Selfies?

Remember when President Barack Obama got in on a selfie with the British and Danish Prime Ministers at a Nelson Mandela memorial service? Although it technically wasn’t a #funeralselfie, news sources around the world pointed out his insensitivity, and not just Fox News. Selfies have become a source of shame yet again for the POTUS, as he recently got himself entangled in an unintentional promotional selfie for none other than Samsung, who “broke the Internet” a while back with Ellen Degeneres’ now-famous celeb-filled selfie shot.

Crushed Candy: King’s IPO Flops

All eyes were on King Digital Entertainment—the company behind the horribly addicting mobile game Candy Crush—when it went public yesterday. Would it be another tech success story on the market? Or would it crash and possibly signal the signs of another tech bubble?

On day one, it flopped.

Review: The Moto X is the Sexiest Android Device to Date

Update: After this review, Motorola made numerous price drops to the Moto X in order to compete with the Google Nexus 5. For $399, you can currently buy the Moto X without a contract. However, this February, Motorola is also offering a Valentine’s Day deal for the 16GB model on Moto Maker for only $329.99. Otherwise, it’s $49.99 with a 2-year agreement with any of the four carriers including: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Let the price gouging continue…

Puns in this headline are fitting, because if there was an Android phone that encompassed all of the beautiful features I’m looking for in phone, the Moto X would be my bride. This smartphone is the sexiest Android device I’ve had the pleasure to review. And this says something, especially when you consider how many devices come up short due to manufacturer bloatware, customization limitations, and simply lackluster performance. Android phones have come a long way since their beginning, and the Moto X is a testament to the future of high quality smartphones to come.

Leaked iPhone 5C Saves on Style, your Wallet

It’s that time of the year when techies everywhere hold their breath for the next iteration of the iPhone.  But this year is different, because children’s piggy banks could be spared smashing and the rest of us cubicle-ridden geeks overtime to purchase it. According to Sonny Dickson’s green gallery of the leaked iPhone 5C, the overlords at Cupertino may be kind enough to bring a budget iPhone to the masses. The title is presumed as are the following rumors, but stick with us for the exciting rundown.