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Will iOS7 Be a Game Changer? Let’s Talk Features

Now that Apple has finally shown iOS7 to the world, there have been very mixed feelings from the media (See here, here and a poll here) about the future of Apple’s latest update to the “world’s most advanced mobile OS”. There have been tons of upgrades and enhancements and the entire OS was redesigned by Jony Ive. The OS is now lighter, faster and smarter.

But there will always be people who disagree with Apple’s update to iOS. After all, iOS isn’t for everyone. No mobile OS is. But with all that we have seen, and we haven’t yet secured developer access to an iOS7 beta, we think it would be pretty hard to say that the latest release of iOS7 is nothing short of amazing.

Apple Rivals Pandora with Streaming Music on iTunes Radio

Apple is launching a rival streaming music application called iTunes Radio, throwing the company’s digital music resources- and its partnerships with music studios- into the fray against other tech giants vying to compete with Pandora’s online music service.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced the new service today during the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco along with other innovations for Apple products. Video of the speech is available online, and Apple fanatics at Macworld kept a detailed live blog about the company’s announcements.

We at TechVoid are excited to see how streaming radio technology could be transformed by this escalating competition between tech companies including Google and Microsoft, which have already unveiled their own subscription-based streaming services. For now there seems to be little innovation by the new entrants.