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CES 2014: Your iPhone 5 is now a Stun Gun

Just when you thought the city couldn’t get any shadier, Yellow Jacket came out with an upgrade to their stun gun/taser iPhone 5C/5S case. That’s right, the most sought after device in an urban environment just became THE weapon against the would-be thieves stealing them. For just $149, you can zap a stranger with your Yellow Jacket iPhone 5 stun gun case 50 times in the color of your choice (Black, Pink, White, Yellow, and Red we’re guessing) and still have enough battery life to play Words with Friends.

The new model packs 950,000 volts and 1.2 miliamps of electricity, enough to jostle someone onto the ground. Currently models for the iPhone 4 and 4S are available online for just $99, however there is a battery compromise in terms of using your phone after zapping someone. The lesser force of 650,000 volts of juice and .8 miliamps won’t be enough to power your phone and taze your enemies. While the problem seems negligible, I guess it could be a predicament to call the police after taking the matter into your own hands. With the iPhone 5 model, vigilante justice doesn’t have to choose.

Nevertheless, all we envision is a terribly vindictive YouTube-worthy party game. For the frightening tutorial on this device, check out Yellow Jacket’s video below. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Yellow Jacket
Via: Verge


We Tried so HARD to HATE iOS7: Why Everyone Loves it

We tried so hard to hate iOS7, and I mean tried. Pre-launch, we had heard developer complaints, ruminations of irritating changes to basic functionality, and the negative hype was oh so tasty, we couldn’t wait to chomp down. But post-release, we just couldn’t find much of  anything wrong with the upgrade. We asked our friends, our colleagues, IT friends. Instead, we got what you’ll see below. Here’s a list of why the new iOS7 is amazing and our Android-loving writers have even lost their contempt for it.

1. It’s Pretty

One of our readers told us the following: “How I described iOS 7 to a friend: It’s really gay. No, I don’t mean in some derogatory way. In a bright, colorful, rainbow-y way.”

5 Reasons to Skip the iPhone 5C and 5S

In the wake of Apple’s announcement Tuesday, technophiles (including ourselves) have beaten the engineering and specifications of these new smartphones to death. And at the end of the day, we wondered, “Why bother?” Behind the light show, buzzwords and new hardware, are they really that special? Here are five reasons to skip the upgrade to the iPhone 5C and 5S.

1. The average person can’t even tell the difference

If you handed someone who did not see Apple’s keynote yesterday a gold spray-painted iPhone 5, it’s likely they would believe this was the new, improved iPhone. Just to prove the lack of visual differences between the devices, Jimmy Kimmel pulled a little prank. Masquerading the iPad mini as the new iPhone 5S, he successfully duped people on the street into believing the impostor tablet was the next-gen smartphone. Obviously, dumbfounding hilarity ensued:

But beyond petty pranks, how slow is your iPhone now? How bad is the state of the art camera? Can you even perceive lag on the iPhone 5? Apple brags the iPhone 5S processor is over 40 times faster than the original iPhone. Considering the original was built in 2007, I doubt you’re surprised.  In terms of complaints, the iPhone 5 didn’t have many so the improvements in hardware and software are quite negligible to the naked eye.

Leaked iPhone 5C Saves on Style, your Wallet

It’s that time of the year when techies everywhere hold their breath for the next iteration of the iPhone.  But this year is different, because children’s piggy banks could be spared smashing and the rest of us cubicle-ridden geeks overtime to purchase it. According to Sonny Dickson’s green gallery of the leaked iPhone 5C, the overlords at Cupertino may be kind enough to bring a budget iPhone to the masses. The title is presumed as are the following rumors, but stick with us for the exciting rundown.

AT&T sets sales record for iPhone 5 preorders

To no surprise, AT&T has just announced that over this past weekend they recorded a record number of iPhone 5 sales, making it “the fastest-selling iPhone the company has ever offered.” AT&T states that “customers ordered more iPhones from AT&T than any previous model both on its first day of preorders and over the weekend.”

Although AT&T has set a record for preorders, at the time of this writing preorders are still available online (with a 2-3 week shipping estimate) and AT&T has assured customers that the iPhone 5 will be available in retail stores beginning at 8 am local time on Friday, September 21.

Why the iPhone 5 is BORING, and the iPod Nano will make Nokia rich

The iPhone 5  has FINALLY arrived. And it’s BORING. Yes, that iPhone. The one everyone’s waited two years to renew their contract for. The reiteration with the obvious specs: Taller, thinner, better camera with “sapphire crystal” lens protection, LTE, longer battery life, upgraded apps, Maps, and its new iOS.  The iPhone that’s said to boost the GDP .05% and make Sprint, ATT, and Verizon stock soar.

Despite all of that hype, the iPhone 5 doesn’t excite anyone. Not even you. Not even the 10 million consumers ready to rush to the store are the least bit enthusiastic about Apple’s new baby. And you know exactly why.