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Review: Rooster Reader App Motivates Non-readers and Philistines

No one has time to read anymore. At least, that’s what the team behind Rooster is hoping. The iOS app, created by a team of writers and technologists, is geared toward people who are too busy browsing their social networks to read a 500-page novel. To make powering through a book seem less daunting, each one is broken up into installments. Whereas chapters would range between a few pages to dozens, each installment is time-based–15 minutes a piece.

We tested out the $4.99 app for a few weeks to see if technology can really get someone to read more. Check out the full review below.

We Tried so HARD to HATE iOS7: Why Everyone Loves it

We tried so hard to hate iOS7, and I mean tried. Pre-launch, we had heard developer complaints, ruminations of irritating changes to basic functionality, and the negative hype was oh so tasty, we couldn’t wait to chomp down. But post-release, we just couldn’t find much of  anything wrong with the upgrade. We asked our friends, our colleagues, IT friends. Instead, we got what you’ll see below. Here’s a list of why the new iOS7 is amazing and our Android-loving writers have even lost their contempt for it.

1. It’s Pretty

One of our readers told us the following: “How I described iOS 7 to a friend: It’s really gay. No, I don’t mean in some derogatory way. In a bright, colorful, rainbow-y way.”

A Few Days with Google Hangouts Pt. I

With all of the announcements out of Google’s I/O developer conference this past week, the one that stands out the most for me personally is the introduction of Google Hangouts. No, this isn’t the video chat built-in to Google+ that we all know (and some love). This is the product, formerly referred to as “Babel,” that unites the old Hangouts with Google+ Messenger, Google Talk and very soon Google Voice and SMS.

Google has been developing the new Hangouts for the last two years, working with engineers across Google to bring the first truly “unified” experience to a cross-platform messaging service. Built to compete with the likes of BBM, WhatsApp and even Facebook Messenger, Hangouts allows users to communicate with their contacts from a Chrome, Android or iOS device. The old Talk within GMail is even upgraded to Hangouts so that conversations will always be synced across all of your devices.

Facebook offers free calling to U.S. iPhone users

Breaking news comes from Facebook today shortly after their announcement of its Graph Search this week for the social networking website. Facebook will now offer free calling for all U.S.  iPhone users via their iOS Messenger App.

This means if you own any iPhone model, you can call other Facebook users via your Wi-Fi or cellular network while saving minutes on your plan. Data charges do still apply, but it’s another VoIP (voice over internet protocol) workaround at smartphone users’ disposal. The bonus is that it’s linked directly to Facebook, so your contacts with phone numbers listed are right at your fingertips. No word if this applies to Wi-Fi-only iPads and iPod Touch models, but it’s very likely.

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CES Editor’s Choice Day 3: A watch as smooth as a Pebble

We at Tech Void have been following the story of the Pebble; a bluetooth-enabled ePaper smartwatch, for almost a year now. Every time a new article about the Pebble watch came across our wire, we became more excited about this product. After Pebble raised $10 million ($150 each) on Kickstarter in less than a month, we knew that we weren’t the only geeks excited about this product.   When Pebble missed its September launch, we were disappointed but didn’t give up hope.  Since then, tech pubs like Forbes, Engadget and Wired have all been singing in anticipation of the Pebble watch.