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This is my surprised face at the resignation of EA’s John Riccitiello

It was just a matter of time. If you haven’t heard about the SimCity launch debacle, you likely don’t have an internet connection. Which means you couldn’t have played SimCity anyway, but I’ve gotten ahead of myself. For the uninitiated, I’ve prepared a script:

EA: Play SimCity now, but remember it requires a constant internet connection.

PLAYERS: What? That’s totally unnecessary, but ok. Wait, we can’t connect!

EA: Everything is fine, any problems are being worked on!

PLAYERS: Make offline play an option!

EA: The game will not work offline.

PLAYERS: But what about this dude who changed two flippin’ lines of code, allowing offline play?

EA: Well, err…umm…

PLAYERS: Wait a second…this GAME is broken? And it appears to be related to badly programmed AI!

EA: Well, umm…have some free games!

PLAYERS: SimCity 4 Deluxe? Really? Plus, the ones we don’t already own suck!

EA: It was HIS fault. *flails arms wildly until finger points at John Riccitiello* GET HIM!