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CES 2014: Vizio Unveils Largest Consumer Television

American television maker Vizio continues to impress with its consumer-friendly pricing and television technology. Yesterday, Vizio announced their new lineups including the “P Series,” which has a 50 and 70-inch model, featuring the sought-after 4k resolution.

However, the real story is what Vizio claims it to be the “Best TV in the World,” a lofty claim currently being heard around the world at International CES 2014. The Vizio Reference Series includes a 65 and 120-inch model capable of 4k resolution but with display proportions and technology unheard of in consumer models. The 120-inch is notably the largest TV that will be shipped this year besides a Samsung’s 110″ television.

The Reference models are Vizio’s most high-end displays yet with custom components you can’t find anywhere else, according to the manufacturer. High Dynamic Range (HDR) is the term being thrown around the blogosphere to describe the innovation. HDR references the Dolby Vision’s back lighting of displays, in this case. The backlightighting in the reference models reaches 800 nits, featuring special pixel dimming, 384 zones of backlighting due to 384 zones Active Pixel Tuning. All of this together creates the hyper-realistic depiction of light and color you’ll see in these phenomenally three-dimensional (yet not) displays. Pricing has not been set, but like usual at CES, if you have to ask…

Via: Verge
Source: CNET/Vizio

Vimeo Debuts Rebuilt Player & Adds New Tools for Creators

Note on Downtime: Due to exceedingly high traffic from the front page of Reddit, we apologize for the difficulty experienced trying to visit our website. We appreciate the tremendous new readership and hope you continue to follow our coverage of CES 2014 in Las Vegas.

This morning, the popular online video hosting site Vimeo unveiled a completely rebuilt video player for its users. The new player is said to be 50% faster, automatically defaults to HTML5 and features new tools such as better sharing/accessibility options. Vimeo has also added in-player transaction support for Vimeo On Demand that allows any Vimeo PRO member to sell their work on their own sites or across the web.

“Vimeo takes great pride knowing that creators worldwide use our platform to ensure their content is showcased in the highest-quality possible,” said Vimeo’s Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Pile. “Tremendous work went into developing the latest version of our player and we’re excited to take a leading role in support of open web standards by defaulting to HTML5.”

“Since launching the Vimeo On Demand platform last year, we’ve continued to add new features that empower filmmakers to sell directly to their audiences on their own terms,” said Vimeo CEO, Kerry Trainor. “The addition of in-player transaction support allows creators even further control by making any embedded Vimeo player a point of sale, be it on a creator’s own website or any page across the web.”

CES 2014: Michael Bay Fails to Read Teleprompter, Uncomfortable Meltdown Ensues

There’s a lot of awkwardness when it comes to the annual CES. And who is surprised? It’s the grandiose gathering of  some of the most notoriously nerdy people around. We’re talking geeky CEOs of computer companies, gadget aficionados, fan boys, and, of course, tech bloggers. But what makes it  tremendously MORE awkward are the terribly scripted showcases by manufacturers of said electronics. So how could the “Derp” in the air get any thicker? Enter: Transformers Director Michael Bay.

During Samsung’s press conference today, Michael Bay had a cameo. Unfortunately, it was one that ended poorly due to a teleprompter failing. While we could only speak for his insane special effects before, his acting and lackluster improvisation skills were on full display for the world this afternoon. Just watch Bay have a near meltdown in the video below. We won’t apologize for how uncomfortable we warned you it would be.

Source: Android News

Huawei’s New Ascend Mate Charges iPhone at CES 2014

It’s Press Day at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, and Huawei has debuted one of the most interesting innovations yet: Reverse charging. That’s right, Huawei’s new smartphone can be used to charge an iPhone. Weird indeed, but it’s also a pretty decent on-stage gimmick to kick Apple in the teeth. The innovation comes with Huawei’s giant 6.1-inch Ascend Mate 2 4G. How does it manage this? Clearly it’s the monstrous 4050mAh battery tucked into the device. Following up on the battery powerhouse that was the first Acend Mate, Huawei says this battery could last up to two entire days. That is, if you decide not to charge another device with its immense lithium-ion gluttony.  We’re guessing it’s more like 1.5 days considering the boast of most manufacturers.  The device’s 6.1-inch 720p screen has a better pixel density than the Samsung Galaxy Mega, and it includes a 13MP rear camera along with a 5mp front-facing shooter. The best part is the software, of course. Ascend Mate 2 features Android’s latest 4.4 – KitKat. The back plate also comes off, allowing access to microSD storage. Otherwise, the Ascend Mate comes with 16GB of internal space. Check it out for yourself.

 Via: Verge
Source: Huawei

LG Press Conference: Live from CES 2014

LG is debuting some of its new tech today on CES 2014’s “Press Day.” We’re aggregating the news as it comes down the wire to D.C at 11am EST. We’re speculating to see new 4K TVs, possibly mentions of its work with Google on the Nexus 5, etc. Keep your eyes peeled to your screens as we update this post. Not like we have to…

11:02: LG introduces Keynote Speaker CTO Dr. Skott Ahn. He’s off on his LG monologue about possibilities and and pioneering innovations that make a difference in the world. Yes, millions of more colors to see from our couch please!