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Waymo’s Self-driving Cars First on the Road without a Driver in Arizona

A milestone for autonomous vehicle technology was noted in Arizona this week, according to a Waymo blog post on Tuesday. Waymo, Alphabet’s (Google’s parent company) own autonomous vehicle company is testing driverless vehicles on public roads in Phoenix without a safety driver behind the wheel for the very first time.

Whatever Happened To The Chevy Bolt?

Remember the Chevy Bolt? Last year, hype was building for what some were hailing as a potential “Tesla Killer,” that would usher a new age of practicality and availability for consumers looking to snag an electric vehicle on the cheap. Where are all the Bolts at, though? It’s rare to see one out “in the wild,” let alone a single advertisement promoting Chevy’s ambitious new vehicle. According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Chevy has only managed to sell 6,529 Bolts since they started rolling them out last December (even fewer than the much pricier Corvette, the article also notes). Does this mean the Bolt is DOA?