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New Kickstarter Project: Wireless Earbuds Squish to Fit

In-ear earbuds, or earphones, can be a very polarizing topic for consumers and music lovers. They either fit you, or they don’t, and you either love or hate them. For some (me included), no matter what size rubber tips are included, in-ear headphones just don’t work. And even if you don’t have some anatomical anomaly, sometimes they simply hurt to wear. To resolve these issues, the creators of Vie Fit, a new Kickstarter project, have designed wireless earbuds that custom fit anyone without sacrificing sound quality.

CES Editor’s Choice Day 3: A watch as smooth as a Pebble

We at Tech Void have been following the story of the Pebble; a bluetooth-enabled ePaper smartwatch, for almost a year now. Every time a new article about the Pebble watch came across our wire, we became more excited about this product. After Pebble raised $10 million ($150 each) on Kickstarter in less than a month, we knew that we weren’t the only geeks excited about this product.   When Pebble missed its September launch, we were disappointed but didn’t give up hope.  Since then, tech pubs like Forbes, Engadget and Wired have all been singing in anticipation of the Pebble watch.