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Verizon Wireless XLTE Now Available in 300+ Markets

Great news for Verizon Customers who love fast data speeds. Verizon Wireless is bringing its recently announced XLTE to 50 additional markets, which makes the total number of markets nationwide where enhanced capacity through XLTE is available to more than 300.

Verizon Wireless XLTE operates on the 1700/2100 MHz frequency.  It is a supplement to Verizon Wireless’ existing 4G LTE network and the next step in ensuring high-speed data speeds for VZW customers.

XLTE enables a more mobile lifestyle for customers by doubling the bandwidth and delivering faster peak speeds to XLTE-ready devices, which currently number more than 28.  Average XLTE throughput speeds are in the range of 5 to 12 MBPS on the download, and 2 to 5 MBPS on the upload.

My findings have been very consistent with VZW’s states speeds. Here is a recent report that I conducted at my office this week:

To learn more about XLTE from Verizon, visit XLTE by the Numbers and Introducing XLTE.

T-Mobile Introduces New “Jump!” Upgrade Plan

Today, T-Mobile held a press event in NYC to unveil some of its latest revolutionary features and enhancements to its growingly popular wireless service.

Specifically, T-Mobile announced the following:

  • JUMP!: Allows T-Mobile customers to upgrade their phones when they want, up to twice per year. The program also includes total protection against device malfunction, damage, loss or theft – all for $10 per month.
  • Expanding 4G LTE network: T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network now reaches 157 million people across the United States and is live in 116 metropolitan areas. T-Mobile remains on target to have nationwide 4G LTE network coverage by the end of the year, reaching 200 million people in more than 200 metropolitan markets.
  • Simple Choice Plan for All Families: Families can get four Simple Choice Plan lines with unlimited talk, text and Web and up to 500MB of high-speed data for only $100 per month (plus taxes & fees) — with no annual service contract required.
  • Expanding 4G LTE device lineup: T-Mobile introduced pricing and availability for two new 4G LTE-capable devices, including the Xperia Z from Sony and the Nokia Lumia 925. In addition, T-Mobile is providing Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 users with an LTE software update.

Here’s how it works: Customers can upgrade to a new phone, financed through T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Program (EIP), twice every 12 months after they’ve been in the JUMP! program for six months. Simply trade in an eligible T-Mobile phone in good working condition at a participating store location. Any remaining EIP payments will be eliminated, and current customers can purchase new phones for the same upfront pricing as new customers, with device financing and Simple Choice Plan, a no-annual-service contract.

“At some point, big wireless companies made a decision for you that you should have to wait two years to get a new phone for a fair price. That’s 730 days of waiting. 730 days of watching new phones come out that you can’t have. Or having to live with a cracked screen or an outdated camera,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile US. “We say two years is just too long to wait. Today, we’re changing all that with the launch of JUMP! Now, customers never have to worry about being stuck with the wrong phone. And, yes — it’s really as good as it sounds.”

T-Mobile 4G LTE covers a large portion of the Washington DC area including: Bowie, Wheaton, and Silver Spring in Maryland. In Virginia, the following cities are covered by T-Mobile 4G LTE: Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church and Fairfax. Landmarks in the Washington, D.C. area covered by T-Mobile 4G LTE include Arlington Cemetery, US Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. T-Mobile remains on target to have nationwide 4G LTE network coverage by the end of the year, reaching 200 million people in more than 200 metropolitan markets.

T-Mobile subscribers will be able to sign up for this new JUMP! plan this Sunday, July 14. For more information, visit T-Mobile’s new JUMP! landing page.

What Does AT&T Have Up Their Sleeve?

We just received the image below from our AT&T reps. Hardware? New rate plans? LTE-Advanced? We honestly have no idea what will be announced.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 (AT&T)

I have been using the Samsung Galaxy S4 since a week prior to its U.S. release on AT&T. It has taken me a bit longer than usual to write about this device because I have had mixed feelings about its glamor. I know there have been millions of people that have bought this phone because of the marketing hype Samsung created prior to the launch but with sales estimates reportedly slowing, it will be interesting to see if the GS4 will continue to sell through the market.

Since I am not a tech analyst (maybe one day), I will simply report on my thoughts and findings on  Samsung’s latest flagship device.

This is the One

I am sure I have used the phrase “This is the One” before. Oh wait, I have. But this device is too nice not to say it twice. In my review of the HTC One X, I also said that “HTC is back.” With the new One, HTC has not only released a premium smartphone, but in the process jumpstarted their ascent back into the hearts and minds of tech lovers everywhere. The HTC brand should now be considered at the same level of Apple and Samsung.

“Wow, these are some pretty bold claims!” you say? Well, I stick by my story when I tell you the HTC One is the best phone on the market today. Maybe even on the planet. “Best smartphone on the planet!?” you say? Yes. Without a doubt. “Oh come on. Tell me more!” Well then read on I say.

LG Spectrum II (VZW) Review: Just The Right Size

As our readers well know, I have recently had the opportunity to review the Lucid and Intuition by LG. Both devices are functional, but are clearly designed for different audiences.

The LG Lucid is a powerful little device. With comparable specs to its cousins, all that lacks is a little bit of size. But that didn’t stop David, Muggsy Bogues or General Tom Thumb. Selling for free on contract, the Lucid makes the perfect entry device for someone who is just starting out with Android or smartphones in general. You probably won’t be watching too many full-length movies on this device, but you can email and surf the web with the best of them.