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AT&T LG G5 Review: Modular is the New Wallet Opener

You have to admit it; LG’s smartphones are cool. They’re robust, full of state of the art hardware, and have unique features that really set themselves apart from most other Android devices. Materials might look cheaper, but LG is a more interesting company in its innovation and gambling. For instance, the LG G Flex (a curved smartphone) was an incredibly stupid gimmick, and LG persisted to build two versions of it. LG also designed its smartphones with the home button and volume rocker (sometimes) on the back. It keeps them out of the way, and many people genuinely prefer it. But this year LG is trying something much more risky–a “modular” phone. Read on down for the full review of the modular LG G5 on AT&T.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review: The Best Smartphone on the Market

Samsung’s smartphone devices have come a long way since the first Samsung Galaxy. After nearly a decade of iterations and research and development, the Galaxy lineup has impressed millions of people across the globe with unique functionality, attractive design, and impressively sophisticated hardware. Yet surprisingly, it’s Samsung’s newest model variant, the Galaxy Edge (Note/S6/S7 models), that has come out on top the past few years. The phone named for its arbitrarily curved display and arguably redundant features has become an icon of an Android handset. And it has improved tremendously in its third year. So after three weeks with the device, we feel the Galaxy S7 Edge is possibly the best smartphone ever made. Don’t believe it? Read on below for the full review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on Verizon Wireless.

Cricket ZTE Grand X 3 Smartphone Review: $130 and USB Type-C

If you’re the thrifty type, most major smartphone carriers could price you out of affordable network coverage. Thankfully, carriers such as Cricket, Virgin Mobile, and Google Project Fi can offer you cheaper service while using the same reliable networks (i.e. AT&T and Sprint). However, what’s more unique is the hardware offered by these carriers, some with names you’ve likely never heard. These phones are more affordable, lesser in specs, and are anything but mainstream, yet they still offer consumers a familiar Android experience for cheap. One of these manufacturers is known as ZTE (of China), and below you’ll find our review of ZTE’s Grand X 3 on Cricket Wireless.

Droid Turbo 2 Review: An Indestructible Moto X

Motorola has continued its long partnership with Verizon Wireless and the age-old Droid Moniker. The Droid Turbo 2 follows up its first generation model with an indestructible plastic screen known as ShatterShield, a larger 5.4” screen, yet featuring a svelter and sexier body in addition to other spec upgrades. These changes are testament to the changing market of consumer desires–larger screens, bigger batteries, and more rugged design features that still give a relatively nice feel in hand with elegant notes of style. Read on down for the full review on Verizon Wireless’ Motorola Droid Turbo 2.

AT&T HTC One A9 Review: An iPhone 6 for Android Users

HTC One flagship smartphones have steadily improved for the past three years on AT&T. The original One was one of the very first premium aluminum builds for an Android device. And the One Mini, M8, and M9 follow ups continued to evolve into sturdy, beautiful, and user-friendly devices. However, shortly after HTC’s March 2015 reveal of the HTC One M9 came something very different–the HTC One A9. This 5.0” device ditched the manufacturer’s famed BoomSound speakers and most of the HTC One-branded design features. Why? To mimic the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 in almost every way. But has it succeeded in doing so? Read on below for our full review of the HTC One A9 on AT&T.

Samsung Galaxy View Review: Another Grand Experiment with a Tablet

Is it under your coffee table yet? This is my favorite tablet joke. That’s because, like fitness trackers, after a few months most tablets end up sitting dead on, or underneath, people’s coffee tables. Is there really anything left to inspire us in the world of portable, flat screen devices? Do you really want a thinner iPad or and upgraded 10.1” Galaxy Tab? Well, perhaps, that’s not the question. Maybe it’s: How can we make a coffee table gadget bigger and more interesting? Samsung is attempting to answer exactly that with the 18.4” Samsung Galaxy View, the largest tablet we’ve seen with 4G on AT&T.