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Logitech Prodigy G213 Keyboard Review: Bright Consumer Gaming with Some Stickiness

Logitech’s new Prodigy G 2016 lineup has stuck to its basic consumer gaming roots, including RGB lighting, sleek and simple designs, and included software that’s functional and fun to use. But as practical as the products are, we had to see how they would hold up under actual use. Below you’ll find our full review of Logitech’s brand new Prodigy G213 keyboard.

Top Video Game Glitches to Bust Your Gut

Video games are fun, but sometimes the best Easter eggs are developer screw-ups. Yes, the glitches.  You know you’ve all seen the gifs of FIFA players dry humping each other circulating Reddit. So why not list the best and worst of video game graphic fails? Some laughter in the office will do you some good anyway.  So here it is, a list of the top video game glitches for you to cringe or cry yourselves laughing over. It might be time to start rethinking those release dates, game developers.

1. Layers of Fear

There’s nothing quite like an Easter egg in a videogame where characters start running into things. This well-known Twitch user, Jerma, found one in Layers of Fear that makes him melt down for a solid six minutes. It’s best you stretch your cheek muscles before viewing.

2. Heavy Rain

Out of popular demand, we added the following to our list. Heavy Rain had a game glitch where a character would scream “SHAUN” over and over during a cut scene, and even throughout later gameplay. The user-shot video isn’t the best quality but the laughs are incredible. Be sure to look over your shoulder before you start shedding tears of pure senseless joy.

Square Enix Resting Hopes on Final Fantasy XV

It’s no secret that the Final Fantasy series, once a standard bearer for the RPG genre, has been on the decline in recent years. Final Fantasy XIII, which marked a critical turning point for the series’ reputation, was considered the definition of mediocrity. An overly linear slog with a basic-at-best storyline and (with certain exceptions) a mostly forgettable cast. The gameplay too seemed stale, as if it hadn’t caught up to the modern era, and while fan opinion on the overall quality of the game has been divided, it’s no stretch to say that interest in the series took a hit, especially for fans who weren’t “all-in” on Final Fantasy.

MAGFest 2016 and the Future of Gaming

MAGFest, short for Music and Gaming Festival, occurred last weekend at the Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center in Maryland. With a multitude of attendees and contributors, MAGFest is the largest gaming festival in the DC Metro area. Not only can attendees play popular titles against each other, but they can also discover upcoming indie games curated by the MAGFest staff. These games range from smartphone puzzle games to intense RPGs, with over 50 games selected to showcase at the festival. Attendees were able to attend panels led by the developers and experience the games first-hand in the 24-hour Indie Arcade.

Last Minute Holiday Gaming Gift Guide 2015

On a last minute hunt to find the perfect game for someone on your list? We’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a gaming gift guide to satisfy even the pickiest gamer you know. Whether you’re looking for indie or the biggest game of 2015, you’ll find something for everyone.

Witcher 3: Blood And Wine Screenshots Released

By now you’ve probably had a chance to sink your teeth in to the first bit of stellar “Witcher 3” expansion content, “Hearts Of Stone,” and find yourself wanting the adventure to continue. Well, fear not, for there’s more on the way. CD Projekt Red has released screens from their next DLC offering, “Blood And Wine,” and they look incredible. Details are sparse, but there are a few scraps of info that have been parsed together so far: