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Travel Tips for the Wanderluster


For many people, traveling is both a blessing and a curse. Seeing new places and experiencing new cultures is the upside, but the logistics of traveling can be absolutely painful. We’re here to let you know how to travel like a pro, so you take that wanderlust and get out there. Rest assured, if you use some of these travel tips below, you will see more of the upside. 

Popsockets Review: The Best Smartphone Accessory

Smartphones are ubiquitous these days as are the problems associated with owning one. Many of these include hardware issues, but I’m talking something even more relatable–gravity. Dropping your phone, trying to pick up your phone, and looking at your phone from an awkward angle in bed are constant issues people tend to deal with.

Four Alternatives to Apple AirPods

Apple’s new Airpods have some fantastic innovations, including decent wireless audio quality and instant Bluetooth connection with Apple products. However, the new product leaves a few things to be desired, including design (Is that a q-tip in your ear?) and the price: $159.

Thankfully, there are other options available as competitors work to build their own hassle-free and cord-free Bluetooth earbuds to the market. Below you’ll find a list of these alternatives.

Was Apple’s iPhone 7 Leak a Brilliant Marketing Ploy?

At Apple’s annual product unveil on Wednesday, September 7, Tim Cook and his engineers showed off the tech giant’s highly-anticipated new products. The iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series II, namely. But neither of these items were the main headline in the blogosphere.

Why the Moto Z is Better at Modular

Yesterday we filmed an unboxing of the MotoZ: Droid Edition, one of Motorola’s newest Moto-branded smartphones built under Lenovo. It’s an incredibly polished design, and it comes with some great features as well as grave consequences. But is it really good for consumers? Below you can peruse a list analyzing Motorola’s new outlook on smartphone technology and our thoughts on this unique device.

Instagram Replicates Snapchat with New “Stories” Update

This week Instagram has “broken the Internet” with a new update including a new feature known as “Instagram Stories.” Apparently Snapchat‘s “Stories” feature is not trademarked, because this new addition is an exact replica of Snapchat, even in name. The feature allows users to curate slideshow content atop their Insta-newsfeed–videos and photos that remain visible for 24 hours.