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The Quick and Dirty Google I/O 2014 Recap

Google I/O developer conference for developers and consumer alike has finished up for the week and we’ve put together the wrap-up. Below you’ll find a quick rundown of the most important announcements for today:

The OnePlus One 2014 Flagship Killer Released for $299

After months of taunting competitors and consumers, OnePlus has finally released its smartphone, aptly named OnePlus One. The naming convention may be odd but the phone itself is amazing, touting components and an OS that could make top smartphone manufacturers squirm. Still, it’s the company’s first attempt and only the consumer market will tell whether or not it succeeds.  Read on down for the full breakdown of the OnePlus One.

The New HTC One (M8) has Arrived!

HTC has finally announced its best phone ever, the HTC One (M8). The M8 has taken the crown for most leaked phone of all time—EV Leaks  leaked images and an entire video walkthrough of the phone’s case. Everything we anticipated about the phone has come to be, and it has come out as a great Samsung Galaxy S5 competitor. Below is our overview of the HTC One (Or is it One Two?) Call it what you will.


The first major design change from the original One is onscreen buttons. The M8 also comes with the default three-button Android arrangement rather than the simpler two-button (Home and Back) arrangement. The M8 still has a unibody aluminum chassis like the previous edition did. However, this time it is a 90:10 ratio of metal to plastic, resulting in a device that feels better in the hand. The edges aren’t sharp like a Macbook. In fact, they’re rounded, keeping consumer comfort in mind. With this design choice, HTC is leading the pack metal handsets. In addition, the screen size has been increased by a little less than an inch. The M8 still looks very similar to its predecessor, but its colors are muted, and the design modernized.

Walmart Competing with Gamestop in Used Games

Walmart has announced that they will be competing with GameStop. They will start accepting used video games for trade-in and will sell used games. Starting March 26th all Wal-Mart’s in the US will accept used games for gift cards or in-store credit at Sam’s Club and Walmart locations. You can also trade-in games online starting now.

Walmart will take a different approach on trading games, however. They will not implement the method of shelving games immediately after purchase. Walmart will send them to their warehouses for repackaging and resale in “Like-New” condition. While the flashy customer service aspect is nice, gamers should be concerned with how this  affects the price points of resale.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors Come to Fruition

After months of speculation, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has finally been revealed by the hardware giant itself. So how did the Galaxy S5 turn out compared to the rumors? Check out the rundown of the new flagship phone below.


The S5, for the most part, has a very similar design to its predecessor. In a quick glance, one may not be able to tell the S4 and the S5 apart. Upon closer examination, the changes become evident. The first change is on back plate, which has a rather weird, soft touch texture—some have compared it to a band-aid (above). The design is interesting, but might not be the most popular choice, at least in comparison to HTC and Apple’s aluminum designs.

The most obvious change which was rumored is a fingerprint scanner on the home button much like the iPhone 5S. The difference is that you actually put your thumb on the screen rather than the home button and swipe down with your fingertip. There are a few other minor changes, including a ever so slightly larger 5.1″ display (.1″ bigger than the S4) and a 16-megapixel camera featuring great new auto-focus features.

Rundown of Facebook’s WhatsApp Acquisition

After Facebook and Google fought over the number one messaging service in the world, Facebook has come out on top and purchased WhatsApp for $19 billion. Here’s our take on the acquisition: