AT&T Releases Pricing on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

AT&T has announced its pricing for Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus today. Both new smartphones will be available for preorder on September 12 and in stores on September 19. The new flagship phones for Apple were announced yesterday during Tim Cook’s keynote in Cupertino, California.

The  16GB iPhone 6 will cost $199.99 with a new contract or $32.50/month via AT&T’s Next payment and upgrade plan. The iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB version goes for $299.99 with a new contract. AT&T Next allows customers to upgrade their phones every year while paying down the no-contract price of the phone over a 12 or 18 month period.

Despite the $350 starting price announced for the Apple Watch yesterday, there is no word from AT&T on pricing the smartwatches in its stores just yet. We will likely hear more in 2015.

For AT&T’s full table of pricing for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, check the press release below. In addition, don’t forget to watch Apple’s new ad featuring Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available from AT&T for preorder on Sept. 12 and in stores Sept. 19. Our fastest way for customers to order will be online AT&T Stores will open next Friday at 8 AM – more on media availability next week.

iPhone users choose AT&T because they get the iPhone for $0 down with AT&T Next, our best-ever pricing for families and individuals with Mobile Share Value and a great service experience – all on the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network which now covers more than 300 million people.

On AT&T Next 12, the 16GB iPhone 6 will be available for $32.50/month. The 16GB iPhone 6 Plus will cost $37.50/month. Full pricing details are below.

 We also have the following offers:

  • Customers who purchase any iPhone on AT&T Next can get $200 off a new iPad* until Sept. 30.
      *iPad must be purchased on a 2-year wireless agreement
  • New and existing customers get $100 bill credit when activating a new line of service with an iPhone on AT&T Next until Sept. 30.

AT&T Pricing details:

AT&T NextSM12 months AT&T NextSM18 months
iPhone 616 GB $32.50 $27.09 $199.99
iPhone 664 GB  $37.50 $31.25 $299.99
iPhone 6128 GB  $42.50 $35.42 $399.99
iPhone 6 Plus16 GB $37.50 $31.25 $299.99
iPhone 6 Plus64 GB  $42.50 $35.42 $399.99
iPhone 6 Plus128 GB  $47.50 $39.59 $499.99

Source: AT&T

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  • Scott

    Verizon is offering the iPhone 6 for free with the trade in of an older working iPhone. Sounds like the best deal to me!

    • rainy


      • I would like a link to this press release as well because I spoke with an online chat agent and he stated that the iPhone 6 Plus 128GB will not be available with Next only 64GB or lower models. The non-plus will be available in all varieties.

    • Jmeg8r

      Sounds like B.S.!! Please share link.

      • Micheal Heathman

        Excuse my ignorance. The extra gb allows you to down load more video? Is that right?

        • Mtoomb

          Yes, it’s just more physical storage on the device for photos, music, videos, apps, and document files. Although these days, so much is streaming from the cloud (netflix, beats, etc), unless you’re playing lots of huge games or downloading lots of music… And ESPECIALLY if you don’t constantly sync and erase your HIGH MB pictures, you’ll burn through the 16gigs really quickly. My 4S is 16gig and I am always getting right up to the storage ceiling. Having a ton of HQ photos on your phone will eat up space faster than anything else.

          • Micheal Heathman

            Thanks mtoomb. Thanks for your time.
            I just walked out of my local Radio Shack
            They are sold out before noon on day 1 of Apple 6.
            My contract is not up for 15 months.
            I am ineligible for any AT&T program
            Sometimes AT&T will let you upgrade with 12 months left on your program. I may have to wait to get a 6-plus. I am not eligible for the next program either
            Got any ideas beside paying full price?
            I could pay full price and not have a contract after my present contract expires. I think that’s correct. My current contract would need to expire. They have us right where they want us

    • mr6

      Yea, when you trade in an iPhone 5S and sign a new contract.

      • steve

        no point – if you buy the new one for $200, or $300, you can sell your old phone for that same price on ebay if not more. Verizon is just doing the work for you / making the extra money, rather than you.

  • Joshua

    That just doesn’t sound right. Or it’s an awesome deal – total cost for an i6 16GB on that plan is 450. Are you sure there’s no up front cost for phones on the Next plan?

    • Joshua

      Never mind – answered my own question. The “12” plan means you can trade your phone in after 12 months (and start over), but you pay for 20 months if you don’t trade. “18” plan is trade in 18, or pay for 24.

  • Mtoomb

    After doing all the math, it looks like if I drop my plan down 2 gigs a month and sign up for the Next (shudder) program, I can get a 6+ (I’m 6’4″ so my big hands need a big phone) 64 gig for $102 a month, with the iPad Mini 3G that’s already on the plan. Either than or I plop down $339 up front and pay $85 a month for the 16 gig version… Didn’t save enough to spend $439 for the 64 on a contract. As much as I HATE to stick with AT&T, and as much as the Next program makes me nervous… I think I’d rather keep my cash now and pay $15 more a month… It actually saves me $40 in the long run by only paying $400 over 24 months instead of $439 up front for a 6+ 64g. Now that my head hurts from all the math, I’m going to play GTAV until midnight. Use this calculator to figure out your possible bill options –

    • BobLeg

      Also keep in mind with their value plans you can hotspot on the iPhones for free, so you do not need separate subscriptions for things like iPads. Also the taxable portion of your bill is less too.

  • Michael

    The “Next” is deceiving. The Next 12 is actually for 20 months, where the 18 is for 24 months of payment. In the end payments and saving come to a 50$ difference. The main thing is you will save money only after the 20 months.

  • Asif

    AT&T sucks !!! Be very careful of deceptive AT&T practices. If you currently have mobile share value plan and receive $25 discount, then this discount will go away unless you signup for the Next plan. This is from the site when pre-ordering the new iPhone – Customers receiving a $15/$25 Mobile Share Value discount will only be able to keep it by selecting AT&T Next.

    In other words, AT&T is forcing you into paying at least $25 extra every month. My advice is to stay away from AT&T.