AwesomeCon Overview: A Weekend of Comics, Cosplay, and General Sci-Fi Bliss

AwesomeCon was a unique experience for us at Tech Void, and we weren’t exactly sure what to expect. It’s not a consumer tech event, and most of the scene revolves around hands-on meta hobbies like trading card games, ink-drawn comicbook art, and beautiful, sexy, and awesome hand-sewn costumes.

Of course, celebrities from the sci-fi films and television were also in Washington this weekend, bringing the characters to life out of their written origins. Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride), Jewel Staite (FireFly), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), and even Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson were nearby. Even Sean Astin, the renowned hobbit, made an appearance. And several Power Rangers?  Between the amazing costumes (and there were many) and the plethora of creative materials and artists, it was a brilliant experience to say the least.

Below you’ll find our grand photo album of what and who we saw there:

Homeless Stromtrooper

Joker and Harley Quinn. We saw about 15 Harley Quinns…

Ghostbusters’ Ernie Hudson in the flesh

Can’t go home without a Joker or Star Wars bath robe.

Some metal artistry

Did we mention Hercules stopped by? Kevin Sorbo is still stronger and better looking than you.

The original Ghostbusters station wagon

Stormtrooper and friends

Thor gets better looking every day

Captain America, Schmerica

We can’t believe Gambit only received third place for his dance moves and costume at the after party!

Welcome! Also, Where’s Waldo?

Deadpool (Our favorite).

Kitty Pryde and Cyclops?

Iron Patriot? Drone from Iron Man 2? You decide.

Who doesn’t love The Walking Dead?

In another world…Shredder vs Wolverine

The sexiest duo from Mortal Kombat: Jade vs Liu Kang

X-Men Everywhere

The one and only R2-D2

We unfortunately didn’t catch the Dr. Who crew in person, but their cutouts are the next best thing.

A lovely Poison Ivy and Two Face.

The one and only Incredible Hulk

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  • Aldo Ortega

    Liu Kang here, thanks for featuring Jade and I! I’ve shared this articles with all the humans I know.

    • TechVoid

      Absolutely! Great job to the both of you!